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Basic parameters and characteristics of FOLIPOR membranes


The basic material



10 µm;


320 µm;

pore diameter

0.1, 0.2, 0.4, ... 3.0 µm;

spread of the pore diameter

less then 4%;

density of pores

from 103 up to 3•109 cm-2;

stability in the range of temperatures

up to 125°C (possibility of sterilisation in digester);

absence of the hydroscopness

swelling in water less then 0.5%;

opportunity for regeneration

by washing of membranes by a tangential flow or by a pulsing return flow;

stability of low temperatures

connected with cryogenics;

chemical stability

to the majority of acids and organic solvents, diluted solutions of alkalis;

small own weight and small contents of ashes,

which is essential in quantitative element analysis by neutron activation and optical microscopy;

high light transmission

sufficient for microscopic investigations.

Permeability of  
FOLIPOR membranes for various liquids and gases strongly depends on the pore size.

Fig. 1.

Permeability of TM for pure water at the differential pressure of 1 bar as a function of the pore diameter.

The permeability of TM

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