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The technology method of track membrane production


The technology of FOLIPOR track membranes production consists of the  irradiation of polymer films by accelerated heavy ions forming latent tracks followed by a physical-chemical processing.
The main distinctive property of FOLIPOR membrane filters is high selectivity of filtration, which ensures high quality filtrate. This is guaranteed by special structural features of the FOLIPOR membranes as smooth surfaces, small thicknesses and strictly defined sizes of cylindrical or conical pores.


Fig. 1.

Pore size distribution in FOLIPOR membranes according to electron microscopy (Coulter Porometer II). The spread of diameters lies under 4%.

Кол-во пор/Размеры пор




Radius of pores, µm

Fig. 2.

Pore shapes.


Fig. 3.

Surface of FOLIPOR membrane with a diameter of the pores of 0,15 µm (high resolution picture — 76kb).

Фото мембраны


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